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Occupational pension is an important component of everyday life making it a complex field to understand. We develop below some of the current themes related to the Swiss pension system.

Practice sheet

  • Pension plans in Switzerland

    You will find here a quick overview of the Swiss pension system.

    • The Swiss Pension System(French only)
  • Annual statement

    Your annual statement explaned

  • Joining and leaving the Fund

    Are you changing employers or leaving Switzerland for good? What will happen to your accumulated pension savings?

    • Vested termination benefits / joining the Fund (French only)
    • Leaving Switzerland for good (French only)
    • Unemployment (French only)
  • Tax issues

    You are allowed to make voluntary pension purchases to make up for any gaps in your coverage. These contributions go into your retirement savings, thus improving future retirement benefits, and the contributions are tax-deductible.

    • Voluntary pension purchases (French only)
    • Choosing a pension or a lump-sum payment (French only)

Current evolutions of the Swiss pension system

  • Division of occupational pension benefits in the event of divorce

    June 19th, 2015: Modification of the Swiss Civil code on the division of occupational pension benefits in the event of divorce :

    In the event of divorce, the vested benefit that was accrued during the marriage is split between spouses. The situation becomes particularly complicated whenever an event leading to a benefit occurs (old-age, disability or death).

    For this purpose, some points in relation with the split of the vested benefit between divorcing spouses have been reexamined whenever a benefit is in the course of payment. Some other aspects have also been addressed such as the sending of relevant information to the liaison office (Centrale 2ème pilier).

    The modifications of the different laws have been approved by the federal chambers. The deadline for a referendum has expired on October 8th, 2015. The Federal Council has still to set the date the new law will come into effect.

    The following links will allow you to access more information on the website of the Swiss Confederation: