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Foundation Board

The Foundation

Our team of over seventy professionals includes pension-fund specialists, administrators, support staff, actuaries, accountants and tax experts, along with investment specialists and experts in both financial and estate planning.

2018 annual report


The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is the governing body of the Foundation. It represents the Foundation and is responsible for all the decisions to be made in order to ensure the smooth running of the entire organization. It is composed of an even number of representatives of the affiliated employers and of the insured members.

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Collective structure

The Fondation BCV deuxième pilier is a collective pension fund: there is a vast number of affiliated companies. Each company defines its benefits and is managed independantly of the others. Asset management, accounting, day-to-day management and reinsurance are managed in common in order to significantly reduce the costs for the affiliated companies.

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Organization chart

You will find here an overview of the various partner that work together with the view to ensure the continuity of the Fondation BCV deuxième pilier.

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